Toronto Security Systems Protect Your Assets

cctv security systems toronto

cctv security systems toronto

Security systems are always associated with asset protection.  In cases where it is argued that such systems are installed more to ensure the privacy of high profile personalities living in the premises, what people realize is that it is the personalities themselves who represent the primary asset.  The greater the value one places on the assets being protected, the more elaborate the Toronto business security systems one sets in place.  Assets may take the form of physical assets such as money or goods, intellectual property like proprietary formulas and systems, or people.

Good security systems usually combine several components which complement each other to provide a secure environment.  One of the most common security measures involves intrusion detection. The simple and often stand-alone burglar alarms in homes provide the best example of intrusion detection equipment.  These simple alarms may blare out noise to scare intruders, switch on lights, or even dial the owner’s number or police hotline.  Such alarms may be triggered by movement, sound that reaches a pre-determined intensity, breaking an infrared beam, or a pressure switch.  Security system Toronto : these typically include sophisticated forms of intrusion detection equipment within the greater Toronto area.

The next line of defense in security systems is provided by access control systems.  These systems are placed at locations secured by physical barriers such as fences, gates, walls and doors.  Entry to secured places may be controlled through the issuance of access permits which permit only entry only to authorized persons.  Devices which use pin codes, proximity cards, swipe cards, biometric readers and passwords are used to limit entry.  The devices themselves may also be used to keep a record of persons who enter, dates and times.  In areas requiring a very high level of security, access limitations may also be supported by the presence of physical security personnel.

Nowadays the use of cctv Toronto equipment is becoming very popular.  CCTV equipment expands the surveillance capabilities of security personnel to cover more areas than they could watch on a personal basis.  It also allows for continuous surveillance 24/7 far exceeding the physical limits of human vigilance. There are installations where some cctv equipment are fitted in obvious locations to help mask hidden surveillance cameras.

In areas which require a very high level of security, cctv Toronto is paired with video recording equipment.  The video recording component may be activated on demand, by motion sensors, or kept on 24/7.  Archiving of recorded footages depend upon local regulations as well as the security level at the site.  For safety reasons, some recording equipment stream back-up copies of recorded data offsite in real time.

The last line of defense in protecting assets is still people who physically man the system.  Most integrated security systems have central control rooms from where security of protected premises is administered by trained professionals.  And there are outfits like UL Canada who offer certifications for equipment provided by security companies provided such equipment meet their exacting standards.

While the installation of a good security system and the services that come with it are not cheap, they usually pay for themselves by preventing losses and also in providing peace of mind for the business or home owner.