Inbound Call Center Software Is Cost Effective

inbound call center software for small business

Some people say going into business is getting more expensive with each passing day. They reason out that with the fast pace of technological advances, businessmen are forced into a never ending cycle of trying to keep up with the latest and best.  But then some people do not realize that many of the innovations introduced of late really result in significant cost savings; that while there may be a relatively high initial outlay, costs are lowered in the long term.

Maybe people are just naturally resistant to change.  When outsourcing became popular, there were many people who said it was not a good thing because it robbed people of jobs.  It is now established that jobs were not taken away; they were just relocated to the convenience of the workers’ homes, and that only polluting commutes were drastically reduced – aside from cost.

Now that software is being introduced to enable automation in call centers, there are also people who oppose it.  They see the initial cost, but not the long term benefits.  Investing in inbound call center services via software is really a smart move.   To learn more about just how much cost savings can be derived from using software automation, visit First there are the obvious physical cost reductions that can be calculated, which we can list:

  • Faster connection speeds optimize the time of the inbound call center agent. Even if automated call distribution systems only shave less than a minute per call, multiply that by the number of calls per agent and the number of agents and the figure suddenly becomes substantial.  Organizations like the National Association of Call Centers constantly search for new ways to further optimize valuable call center agents’ times.
  • The ability to accurately connect an inbound call to the correct person or department saves even more of the inbound call center agent’s time.  Some software show a list of available call center agents to aid in routing.  Given this visibility, the person doing the routing has the ability to consider the client’s preference.  Though errors in connecting are not so usual, each instance can cause tens of minutes of wasted time.
  • The interactive voice response feature gives the client a chance of finding instant information or resolution of small issues.  Only when the required information is not programmed into the IVR will a call center agent’s attention be called for assistance.  Calls for preferred clients can also be prioritized, so they remain happy.
  • Knowledge bases built into inbound call center software for small business places the information the inbound call center agent needs at his fingertips, literally.  This results in faster issue resolutions, faster information flow and more confident call center agents.  When this is combined with dialogue scripts, the agents manage to sound like very confident experts on whatever subject the client inquires about.

But how do you value responding quickly enough so the client does not lose patience and just hang up?  What would one pay to avoid the embarrassing possibility connecting a client to the wrong person or providing erroneous information?  It does not cost much to purchase appropriate software designed for inbound call centers so you won’t have to find the answer the hard way.