B2B Marketing Strategies To Look Out For In 2016

What is b2b marketing? B2B stands for business-to-business. It is a marketing strategy used by organizations and businesses to market or resale their goods.

There are several b2b strategies that have been used and proved successful in the past. However, the world is continually evolving and so are the b2b marketing strategies.

Some strategies such as mobile optimization, marketing automation, and paid amplification are some strategies that continue to be popular and effective. The article will discuss some new techniques should adopt in 2016.


Rest in peace “digital marketing”

Digital marketing may sound preposterous. However, our focus should not be on the digital marketing practices but the term and treatment. The truth of the matter is that digital marketing has become obsolete. It has become so central and mainstream in marketing that it no longer deserves niche treatment. Digital marketing can no longer bear the discrete description it deserves. Instead, it has become a context for all marketing.

Customer experience, sometimes referred to as CX has been receiving numerous attention among b2c retailers and companies. CX involves combining people processes and technology in the bid to anticipate, understand and consistently delivering exceptional and personalized services/experiences.

However, in 2016 and years to follow, leaders should understand and anticipate individual needs if they wish to deliver personalized services. It will help increase their market lead.

Currently, b2b buyers are being influenced by individual consumer experiences and are beginning to demand similar experiences in their professional lives too. Firms are now recognizing the benefits of personalized customer services as a driver to profitability and business differentiation.’

For marketers, it means the system will be systematic. The intentional focus on delivering customer experience will be seamless and consistent despite the device or channel used.

Advocate marketing

Most b2b marketers focus a lot of energy and time on the pre-purchase end of the clients’ journey. However, firms are realizing they can be successful by concentrating on aspects such as providing value beyond the sale. By doing so, the chances of turning a client into a promoter are greatly increased. An advocate who will create referrals by referring new clients to the business.

As a matter of fact, referrals are a great and effective marketing strategy. It brings in new clients and promotes loyalty. There are several platform software that are used to help marketers build advocate relationships with clients. They help generate more reviews, increase social media engagements and capture more referrals.

The platforms have customized portals. The firms invite some of their best clients to be part of a challenge and reward them.

Sales enablement

Sales enablement is described as providing sales with insights into buyers’ behavior, motivation and activity in the bid to help them boost their results. B2B firms that are sales oriented need this strategy to support sales activities and business development.

The aim of sales enablement is ensuring that sellers or business developers have the required knowledge, processes insights and content needed to optimize interactions with clients and prospects.
Marketing focuses beyond sales leads. Those leads should be converted to opportunities that will generate revenue.